In this course, you are going to learn about the Volume Spread Analysis. Volume Spread Analysis is one of the basic trading techniques that every trader needs to learn. Whether you are a beginner, advanced level, or a pro trader, the trading fundamentals and strategies like Volume Spread Analysis enable you to make prudent trading decisions no matter what type of market you are dealing with. The course duration lasts for an extended 10 to 12 sessions or 20-24 hours. The class strength is kept limited to 15-17 students so that every student is attended in a special way. There will be 2-course teachers to provide maximum from their long practical trading experiences. The classes are made available on both weekends and weekdays. If you miss out on your classes, no worries, as you can access these courses anytime in your lifetime.

Course Details:

Volume Profile is a modern charting study and indicator. It reflects the traded volume amount of an asset over a specified period at certain price levels. Volume Profile makes use of traded volume in the past and all the strategies generated from historical data. Without any trading strategy, you cannot make informed decisions. So we are here to teach you the best trade strategies and analysis to equip you with all trading prerequisites. There is a dedicated course for volume spread analysis that our masters will guide you upon. More importantly, you will learn how to spot VSA and the key concept of VSA like accumulation, distribution, testing supply, testing demand, and the selling climax. All techniques will be sincerely delivered to you so that you will know how you can use the volume trade analysis in different types of markets.

There might be many online courses available since the methodology is not new and was invented back in the 1970s. Going to the details makes us unique. Out teachers are well-equipped with the practical market knowledge and will deliver their sheer experience with you. The right market entry, combined with the volume spread analysis, will definitely help you place the orders and make enough out of your trades.


  • Atleast 1 Year of trading experience
  • Knowledge of Candlesticks and Charts
  • Laptop Computer


  • How to spot VSA
  • Accumulation
  • Distribution
  • Testing Supply
  • Testing Demand
  • Selling Climax

Course Trainer

Course Info:

Course Duration : 10-12 Sessions, 20-24 Hours
Class Size : 15-17 Students
Course type : LIVE Interactive
Course Teacher : 02
Class Occurrence : Weekend / Weekdays
Class Recordings : Life Time Access
Course Starting Date : 15th May 2022
Enrollments received till now : 2
Price $599
Terms & Conditions
  • All corse fee will be charged after the student have taken the first session and he/she is completely satisfied
  • FREE Demo session can be requested any time for any course
  • Course will not commence untill or unless atleast 15 enroll ments are recied
  • After the session starts, no enrollments will be accepted for the current batch
  • All sessions are recorded. The recordings of the class will be uploaded to the Member’s Area within 2 working days of
    the class ended
  • Students who have attended the class can access that
    specific recording for life time