If you are questing for the query on how to trade forex for beginners, we are the right platform to satisfy this. We present the forex trading course for everyone. The course is for beginners, and we will cover what beginner needs to learn about forex trading. The course is detailed and lasts for a maximum of 8 hours. The total count of students in the class will be no more than 17 in order to keep the class highly engaging. The class will be highly interactive and LIVE to get more out of the lectures. The two experienced Masters are there with you to put your all focus on their students and teach them what they have learned in their trading careers. The classes will be on weekends and weekdays as well. The course access is lifetime, so you will be learning for life with us.

Course Details:

The investors looking to enter the world of foreign exchange can find themselves frustrated and quickly spiraling downward, losing capital fast and optimism even faster. Investing in derivatives of currencies, including futures and options, also offers a great opportunity. However, it is entirely different from the equities market. It does not entail that forex trading is a piece of cake that everyone can begin and reap higher profits from the day first. Rather it is a skill that needs to be learned. So we bring forth the beginners guide for you on forex trading. Here, you will learn about forex trading, its fundamentals, how it works, and the risks involved that every beginner needs to know before investing their money. Besides, we will give you detailed knowledge of Economic Indicators, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Retail Sales, Industrial Production, Consumer Price Index (CPI), and much more on the factors that move the forex market. The course also includes learning about various currency pairs and discussing the volatility of each of them. You will be given a brief on fundamental and technical analysis to build trading strategies and find out the market entry and exits.

So with us, learn how to trade forex. Our beginner-level course provides the fundamentals to trade in the forex market. The course address all important aspects that a beginner must consider before diving into the sea of forex trading. You can learn how to trade forex in South Africa with our genius mentors.


  • Laptop Computer


  • Introduction to Forex
  • Technical Analysis
  • How to trade forex
  • Fundamentals of forex trading
  • How forex trading works
  • Economic Indicators
  • How to use Mt4 & Mt5
  • Trading Strategies & Techniques
  • Introduction to Trading jargons

Course Trainer

Course Info:

Course Duration : 4-5 Sessions, 8-10 Hours
Class Size : 15-17 Students
Course type : LIVE Interactive
Course Teacher : 02
Class Occurrence : Weekend / Weekdays
Class Recordings : Life Time Access
Course Starting Date : 15th May 2022
Enrollments received till now : 7
Price $99
Terms & Conditions
  • All corse fee will be charged after the student have taken the first session and he/she is completely satisfied
  • FREE Demo session can be requested any time for any course
  • Course will not commence untill or unless atleast 15 enroll ments are recied
  • After the session starts, no enrollments will be accepted for the current batch
  • All sessions are recorded. The recordings of the class will be uploaded to the Member’s Area within 2 working days of
    the class ended
  • Students who have attended the class can access that
    specific recording for life time