In this course, you will learn how you can use the most widely used trading platforms, MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. The course to learn these platforms extended to 5 hours. Students per session of this course are limited to 17 students in a class. Two subject-matter specialists are dedicated to guiding you to learn about the trading platforms. The classes will be both on weekdays and weekends. If you cannot continue the course of some unavoidable circumstances, you can go through the recording later on as we provide lifetime access.

Course Details:

MetaTrader is one of the very popular platforms for Forex traders to trade a wide range of assets. It is referred to as a gateway between you and the trading markets. A feature-rich platform provides traders the ability to conduct a wide range of trading activities, including monitoring the markets, charting, technical analysis, and automating trades through EAs. We will train you in the whole MetaTrader Software from Zero to Hero. MT4 and MT5 are basically products of MetaQuotes Company. In the beginning, every broker has its own Trading Software. To date, some brokers support their own trading software. But now, brokers are using MetaTrader 4 software for trading. There is an updated version of MetaTrader 4, which is Meta Trader 5. Many traders are using MT4 for trading for its comfortability and simplicity. By using MetaTrader 4, you can not only Trade from your PC or Laptop, but you can also trade with your tablets and smartphone by downloading the MetaTrader Trading Software from PlayStore. In the course, we will guide you on downloading and logging in to MetaTrader, using demo accounts, understanding the MT4 market watch, the terminal window in MT4, exploring the toolbars, and using MT4 on mobile devices, and much more.

It was important to add the MetaTrader platform to our course bundle. This is the most widely used platform, which is compatible with hundreds of brokerages. We provide deep knowledge on this platform like placing an order, social trading, installing and attaching VPS, and using the tools to build strategies. In addition to that, we provide a deep insight into the platform and allow you to make maximum out of your trading using the platforms optimally.


  • Basic Level Course Completed or Equivalent skills
  • Laptop Computer


  • What is MetaTrader 4, and how does it works
  • How to open a demo account
  • How to open any position
  • How to place a stop loss
  • How to place take profit
  • How to use different charting tools
  • How to use VPS with MetaTrader 4

Course Trainer

Course Info:

Course Duration : 2 Sessions, 4-5 Hours
Class Size : 15-17 Students
Course type : LIVE Interactive
Course Teacher : 01
Class Occurrence : Weekend / Weekdays
Class Recordings : Life Time Access
Course Starting Date : 15th May 2022
Enrollments received till now : 9
Price $99
Terms & Conditions
  • All corse fee will be charged after the student have taken the first session and he/she is completely satisfied
  • FREE Demo session can be requested any time for any course
  • Course will not commence untill or unless atleast 15 enroll ments are recied
  • After the session starts, no enrollments will be accepted for the current batch
  • All sessions are recorded. The recordings of the class will be uploaded to the Member’s Area within 2 working days of
    the class ended
  • Students who have attended the class can access that
    specific recording for life time